Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man…


First off, thanks to littlehollyleaf for reminding me a while ago about the lyrics to Supernatural’s sort of adopted theme song.  There have been so many references to variations on blindness and seeing this season that I’m not even going to try to link to them all.  I’d have to link to half of what I’ve written and a lot of what other people have written as well.  Let’s just say that the above lyric to Carry On Wayward Son pretty much says it all.

And Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann really drove the point home.  This episode had so many instances of warnings for people to “see” what is right there. 

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Things about 9x19 “Alex Annie Alexis Ann” #4






Maybe I am remembering this wrong, but didn’t Dean cut the vamp’s head off with the sharp side facing towards himself?


No, he turned the blade over so that the serrated edge was facing him.

Yep. I’m just going to reblog this again because many people seem to be drawing all kinds of conclusions from Dean using the “dull” side of the blade to chop the vamps head off, or are just shocked by the force he must have used to be able to do that. It’s an understandable misreading, because most everyday blades and knives are only sharp on one side. But what Dean is using is a double edged Machete. So there’s a serrated edge and a smooth, very sharp edge (and you can see where it’s beveled. I’m not making this up!). Dean turns it around so that the smooth edge is facing the vamp. It’s actually the more practical side to use for chopping a head off. 

Aaaah, see not one to have elaborate knowledge on blades other than my kitchen knifes here. Actually though, I think this makes the whole thing even better? For one, it doesn’t actually negate the fact that - since it’s a double edged Machete - either way he could get hurt pretty easily and therefore no matter how he would have turned the blade the notion of a blade turned towards himself remains (though of course I agree that reading would be clearer, if there weren’t two sides with which you can cut), plus it also nicely adds to Dean’s kamikaze modus operandi. But what I actually find the more interesting aspect to keep in mind here is the symbolic meaning - and yes of course this can be seen as stretching things again, but shhhh I personally find it fitting :P - of a double edged machete or as the saying goes a double edged sword. Because isn’t that exactly what the mark and/or the blade is (just like the demon blood was for Sam or the souls were for Cas)? The decision itself being a double edged sword and therfore having favorable and very unfavourable consequences? Because yes, as far as we know the mark and the balde supposedly are able to kill a knight of hell, but there are consequences (consequences Dean didn’t want to hear about, but that start showing). I can’t help but mention Nietzsche here again, because the quote sums it up quite nicely: “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”

This is all making me think of Dean playing with the sword right when they moved into the bunker.  He thought it was safe and kinda cool, and then was surprised when he cut his finger on it.


This looks like a terrible break up

I’d rather die than feel that way again.


Sam & Cas + Video Games


Sam & Cas + Video Games




What? Bisexual? She can’t be bisexual, you’re only bisexual if you’re actively fucking two people of two differing genders at the same exact time. The moment you stop fucking them you’re suddenly not bi anymore. It’s science.

I suppose that means we bi people exist in quantum superposition until someone observes us having sex.

Schrodinger’s Sexuality


With a sense of humour.


I will end the night of such wonderful asks in my ask-box with a little angsty Destiel I drew cuz now I ship it apparently. Don’t get me wrong, I still ship Megstiel real hard, but I ship this too. And there’s some reallly good Destiel fanart out there that I appreciate. ^_^


amen sister

look at thiiisss



*sad whiny noises*